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Satya Special School

The Satya Special School is a non profit, voluntary organization (reg under the Societies Registration Act 1860). The school was started in June 2003 with 20 special children with various disabilities such as, Autism, Downs Syndrome, Mental Retardation, learning difficulties, cerebral palsy and others. Today the school is growing rapidly with 130 children who enjoy their time away from the hardships of social stigma in India. They are provided care from volunteer teachers and physicians through year round schooling.

Unlike other schools for special children, Satya believes in catering to the individual needs of the child. Each child is assessed according to their individual needs. The children are grouped as vocational, academic and care and management groups. Regular assessments are done to evaluate the progress made by each child. The school has specialized trained staff who understand and teach these special children.

All of their services are provided free to 80% of the beneficiaries. They also take their services into local communities to provide therapy and support to those who are unable or unwilling to travel into the city for treatment. The school provides a bus service for its students to ensure their safety and attendance.

The school also assist parents in understanding their children at the homes through parent discussions and counseling.

Early Intervention Center

Through generous donors, Hope and Evolution have been able to provide assistance to Satya Special School in setting up an Early Intervention Center, aimed at children aged 0-6 years old.

The center provides free or nominal cost services and therapy to children from very poor and vulnerable families. With regular schooling and the services of physical therapists, health and social care.


EIC - The school currently urgently need donors who are able to provide support to cover the financial running costs of the center, ideally on a long term basis. However, all support is greatly appreciated. Please contact us for detailed information.

Providing support for smaller projects such as the Epilepsy Medicine Bank, Nutritional assistance and vocational training is always greatly appreciated. Please email us for further information.

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