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advancement of young people

What Projects do Hope and Evolution Support?

When we decide to support a project, we invest important and necessary resources into researching the organisations.

We personally visit the organisation, the owners and administrators and we review their financial records and running procedures. The support we offer can vary from financial support for employing teachers, finding sponsors for children, purchasing equipment and vehicles, to actually financing the construction of much needed buildings.

In all circumstances, we spend time discussing with the organisation, how the project will benefit from the support requested, what difference it will make to the futures of the children/communities, and ensuring that it is sustainable. We also have strict grant making application procedures.

We believe that it is pointless in just making buildings. We have to ensure that the children/communities are also given the tools and opportunity to use them, whilst in the buildings.

We presently work with a few core organisations, which include, schools - one which is a Special School, and home for HIV+/AIDS children. We also involve a local grassroots ecological initiative, to use their trees in our building projects. All of our projects are currently in Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu and India.

If you would like more information on any of the projects, please email us your query.

If you are interested in supporting any of the projects, please find further information on how you can help, or email us please.